Miss Marge- PuppyMill Rescue- English Bulldoghere.

This fancy little lady is from one of our recent trips to save puppy mill dogs, and is another heartbreaking reminder of WHY you should know where your dog is really coming from! 
Marge is only 4 yrs old, she is a SUPER sweet English Bulldog, and when you first meet her you notice her adorable smile, and loving spirit. She wants to be loved on (constantly) and she is so stinkin' cute she can talk just about everyone into doing just what she wants. It is not until she gets up to walk that you see her pain. 
She has a terrible "bulldog" build that has caused her to get arthritis at only 4 years old, the breeder gave her up because he didnt like the quality of puppies she was producing, but she is a dog that never should have been bred in the first place. 
She has this adorable waddle, but can only go so far before she has to sit and relax, and then try an get herself up again. We contacted orthopedic surgeons to see if there was anything they could do, and they said unfortunately humans have created this genetic disaster because they think it looks COOL, and in the end the dog will be the one who suffers. Other than supplements to support her joints, pain pills if needed, a comfy bed to rest, and lots and lots of snuggles there is nothing we can do to help her. We will make sure she is happy and comfortable until it is her time. 
She had many, many litters (with csection scars to show it) that were sold to puppy stores and hopefully found amazing homes, but we will never know. 
Not all of the dogs have come in this condition, but this is just a small view into the life these dogs endure. 
These dogs deserve better than wire floors and constant breeding. They deserve to be loved, and shown that they mean something to someone! Tomorrow Marge and several other bullies from this trip will be vetted and prepped for new homes! This is a heartbreaking rescue mission we will not give up on! We are going to work on putting together some educational information together on how to pick the right dog/breeder/rescue and hopefully save more dogs! They deserve to be heard! 


 Oscar was dubbed our honorary dog. We are a dog rescue, says it in the name, but we are animal lovers all around and then we got the call on Oscar we knew we had to help. 

 His back legs were ripped off by something, and he was found running on his bones. Well everyone's first thoughts were to humanely euthanize him, it only took two minutes of snuggles to realize this man was a fighter, and he deserved a real chance at life. 

 The vet in the area could not preform the surgery and so they begged us to take him here. 

 We finally found a wonderful vet a Elizabeth Animal Hospital who did it at a discount for us. 

 He had to have amputation of both back legs, and part of his tail. He was just 4 months old, and expected to make a full recovery! 

 This little kitten is a good reminder in life to never give up. We have had many people ask why we would do this, but until you meet the little guy you will never understand his will to live, and he is truly living! He is happy and gets around great! 

 Thank you to everyone who donated to help save this kitten, Shooke Unleashed for picking him up, and everyone who helped her him here to us! 




cage 57 Lab, roswell shelter

As many of you know we get most of our dogs from high kill shelters, these shelters get dogs in such high volumes, they kill for space. We go through lists each day and pick the ones we know we can save, it is a heart breaking task, and we can only take as many as we know we have the space, and money for. 

We saw this girl (cage 57) and knew she needed out, she looked like she had lost all hope, and needed a chance. She was listed as a one year old lab and we thought for sure they had to be wrong, this lab looked much older. 

We had agreed to take another lab at the same time, she looked much younger and we were told she was pregnant. Most of the time these dogs are placed in temp fosters and we do not see them here in Colorado for 1-2 weeks, giving us time to prepare. Knowing this girl was pregnant, and wanting to get her move before she had puppies, they asked us to take her the next day. We were not sure we were ready, but knowing rescue is full of surprises, we agreed to take her that day. We began to prepare for a young pregnant lab, and about 1 hour later got a call, they have made a mistake, it was not the young lab that was pregnant and coming, it was cage 57! Knowing this lad looked a bit older and a bit run down, I begun to worry about her having puppies. She was set to arrive at 8pm, but transport was running late and did not arrive until midnight. Her wonderful foster mom waited up for her, and gave her a good meal and a comfy bed as soon as she arrived. 

 She was not comfortable in the house, and wanted to be in the garage, we see this often with dogs who have never been allowed in the house. I was not able to go see her till the next day, so collected out supplies for the foster and when to meet our new Waggin' Tails member. 

When I walked in the garage to see her she looked very weak, she was extremely thin, other than her large pregnant belly. She just wagged her tail and gently lifted her head. I looked at her teeth and to my  surprise this dog was really only about 1-2 yrs old! Her teeth were very worn, and many front ones missing, it liked like she had been chewing on metal for sometime. She had sores on her hips from laying on a hard surface for some time, and was extremely stiff.

 She was eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom normal, which made our vet less than concern. They just said to feed her and keep water around. I went to the store and got her lots of goodies (Goats milk, cottage cheese, and yogurt.) 

I was back to her foster in her few hours with all her new goodies, and she already seemed to be perking up.

 This poor dog had not been shown much love in her past. She was tossed out like trash and forgot about. Ending up in the shelter saved her life! 

 She is doing great and healing from a past that we will never know, she is loving her new found life! She has not had her puppies yet, but we are watching her closely!  We will continue to fight for her, and all others like her!