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What if i fall in love?!


We get this all the time, people are worried they will not be able to love a dogs and then hand it off. This a perfectly reasonable fear, but it is always a great feeling to hand a dog off to its new forever home, and we strongly encourage people to keep in touch with new adopters. Our fosters are always allowed to adopt if they absolutely cant stand the idea of a dog leaving, it happens to all of us! 

what makes a great foster?

 The best thing you can do as a foster is to love the dog like your own, work on helping them become the best family members they can be. This will help them find wonderful homes and stay and them :) 

who pays for what?!

We do  :) We take care of all of the vet expenses, the dogs are required to go to out vet unless something else it agreed upon before hand.  

 We can also provide food and a kennel if needed! 

Why foster?


Here at Waggin' Tails we depend on our fosters to help us save dogs. We do not have a kennel or a shelter where we house our animals, so each dog we bring in must have a place to stay to keep them safe. Without a foster we cannot take a dog. These dogs deserve a chance! 

Who can foster?

 Must love dogs! If you can do that and live somewhere you can have a dog, YOU can foster! All of these dogs need love, and some need training! We try and place every dog in a home we think will work for everyone!

how long do I have to foster?

We do not require anyone to commit to any length of time, but ask them to remember that each dog requires an adjustment time, and it is hard on them to move around so much, our hope is that every dog will have one foster until adopted, but we know that is not always possible.