All dogs/puppies are spayed/neutered, current on vaccines, and microchipped prior to adoption!! 

Puppies (under 1yr)  - $325+ (Adoption fees can vary)

Adults (over 1yr) INCLUDES HEARTWORM TEST- $225+


                                  We reserve the right to change the adoption fees on any dog.

  1. Check out our adoptable friends page. 
  2. Fill out an adoption application, please make sure it is complete! 
  3. We will contact you and conduct a quick phone interview, just to make sure we can find you the right match!
  4. Home Check- One of our Amazing team volunteers will come and conduct a home check. We just want to make sure our doggies are getting the best homes! 
  5. Meet the dog of your dreams
  6. Sign contracts, adoption fees, and take home your new best friend!! 
  7. Spoil your new pet for the rest of his/her life! 

Waggin' Tails Adoption Process-

  1. Do you have time to a new dog? A dog can live to be 10-15 yrs old and will want to spend lot of time with you. If you are not home very often, maybe now it not the right time to add a dog. 
  2. Do you want to spend the time training a new dog/puppy, no matter what dog you choose training is going to be required. Some dogs will take less training than others, but this is something to consider before bringing in a new pet. 
  3. Can you afford a new pet? Good dog food, treats, toys, beds, kennels, collars, tags, vet bills, supplements, and maybe a new lint roller for all the new dog hair in your life. Dogs are not cheap, and some breeds can be a lot more expensive than others. 
  4. Every dog will have an adjustment period when moving into a new home, accidents might happen. If this is going to be terribly upsetting to you, you might want to consider a goldfish! 
  5. Make sure you are being honest about what kind of dog you really want. If you are a couch potato, don't adopt an active dog. If you hate shedding adopting a husky is a bad idea. Every dog is different, and you will be a lot happier if you are honest with what you are looking for from the start. 
  6. If would you get rid of your dog if your new BF/GF didnt like him, you are having a baby, he wants more attention than you want to give, you are moving, or he just doesn't fit with the new furniture, Please reconsider getting a pet. 
  7. Your new pet has feeling and is going to love you like no other! Please be ready to give that love back to them! 

Things to consider before adopting a new dog-